Window Replacement Options in Scarborough

When you are thinking of replacing your windows there will be a lot of options to choose from. The size, the shape, the aesthetics, functionality all would vary. In addition to it there is a choice between insert and full frame windows. Windows Scarborough will educate you on all you need to know about door and window terminology and you will be able to select the right replacement option for your windows.

But first you need to know a little about the two kinds of window replacement options that this article is about, as that will give you a better idea of what might be right for your scarborough


When you install a new window but within the old or existing frame it will be called an insert window. The things that will be removed are the previous hardware the sash, and the covers. And new ones will be installed. Windows Scarborough says that it has a number of benefits. The cost of the installation will be relatively low. The interior and the exterior trim of the windows that already were existing will be kept intact, so not much work is required.

The cons to this window replacement happen to be the fact that it requires the previous window set up to be free of any discrepancy. That is if the frame is structurally perfect only then can you avail of this option.

Windows Scarborough also says that the trim and the siding of the windows that are already there will not be disturbed when you are installing an insert window. This is the chief reason why the costs of installing it are so low. Plus for those homeowners who are happy with the previous shape and size of the window frames this is an especially good option. The operation of the windows too remains the same so the comfort levels are maintained.

However those who have vinyl windows might not be able to choose this option as the vinyl frames are not built to support a long lasting window replacement.

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Full frame

This is the opposite of insert windows that is, here the entire window is taken down every little part of it, and a completely new window is placed. There are many benefits to this as windows Scarborough opines. You can check for any internal damage in the window frames like water damage or mold infestation. Also you can think of going for a completely new style or a new size of window.

But the downside to this is its cost, as it requires extensive work it costs a lot more money. The windows are taken down to the smallest parts of t even the trims, and then the whole thing has to be rebuilt so that costs a lot of money.

Windows Scarborough says that for vinyl frames this is a great option as is for age old window frames which has been damaged for years now, and should be replaced. So find out what you need and select accordingly.

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