Preparing To Replace A Toilet

Toilet installation or replacement is a ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) project, which may make you take you to hardware store several times. Toilet installation also needs proficiency otherwise; you don’t know what you need until you remove your old toilet. However, you can get ready before you are planning to replace the toilet and accordingly buy all the parts that you think is needed for the toilet installation. The things that you need include:

toilet installation

You should always get new supplies to refurbish the old one, and get a new shut-off control device if the original tap is leaky or seized.

When you buy a new toilet, then you don’t need to worry much as it comes with parts that are needed. Make sure to check the box if it includes a gasket, brass closet bolts for linking the reservoir to the base a fill tap, a wax ring, flapper and flush valve. If the box doesn’t include any of these tools, then make sure to buy them separately.

The tools that are required for Toilet Installation:

  • Medium- sized control locking pliers
  • Flat and large screwdriver
  • Putty Knife
  • Wrenches to fix the bolts and nuts
  • Teflon Tape
  • Rags

toilet installation process

These are some of the items that are needed to ensure the link between the toilet and soil pipe are secure. These parts are available at a very reasonable price, so even if you buy some extra material, it can be still useful later as the valves may need to be replaced frequently so you can avoid running to the hardware store if you buy surplus and keep it safe for later use.

Large wax rings are required, in case, soil pipe projection is level with slightly recessed or floor.  If the projection/flange is wrecked or buried below the floor level around a ¼ inch, then you must get a PVC flange spacer ring, which is also known as a repair ring or flange extender. These extenders are made to fit perfectly inside the old soil pipe and give you a new flange, which allows you to secure the toilet properly.

If the flange is badly rusted or broken, then you need to replace it immediately as it will not hold the blots any longer. But, if it is not buried, then you need a thin metal flange spacer ring. If your old flange is a metal one, then the spare ring should lock directly to the flange. In case, the old flange is PVC, then use can fasten the repair ring to the subfloor of the flange. If you want to fix the flange, you need a power drill, perfect fasteners, drill bits to hold the flange with rings either it is a wood, metal or concrete subflooring.

Also, you need a hacksaw that can help you cut the metal, this tool is a very useful as you can use it whenever you need to cut-off broken or rusted bolts and nuts to lift the old toilet flange. When you order the new toilet, make sure to check if the box includes all the necessary tools so that you can save time.

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