Annoying Winter Garage Door Problems and How to Fix Them!

If you’re a resident of Kanata then it’s likely that you’ll have a garage with a door attached to them home. With the harsh winters hitting the region, garage doors are essentials that prevent the biting cold from entering the house. Not to mention, the garage door is the barrier that protects your car from the freezing conditions outside. However, when the temperature drops below 7 degrees, the frigid cold can wreak havoc on your garage door. So, it’s best to previously contact your trusted garage door service Kanata to get the issues fixed.garage door repair kanata

However, that’s easier said than done; sometimes, the winter and snow covered lanes make it difficult for garage services to fix your door. In that case, it’s best to take a few precautionary steps. But, before going to that, let’s review that different ways winter can damage your garage door –

  1. Damage by water

For the homeowners, who own a wooden garage door in Kanata, winter can lead to contraction of the wood. Hence, as a result, the moisture content in the wooden garage door is reduced leading to potential cracks and damages. This can lead to cold penetrating and affecting the car. Thus, in such cases, it’s wise to contact your trusted garage door service Kanata for preventive measures.

  1. Frozen components

Another problem faced by citizens in Kanata is frozen components in garage doors. The cold water polling at the bottom panels of garages often freezes making it difficult or impossible for homeowners to open the garage door.

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  1. Damaged or broken rollers, tracks and springs

The excessive cold can sometimes lead to wrap of garages metal parts. This often is a result of expansion and contraction of the metal due to fluctuating winter temperature. Hence, it’s advisable to find a trusted garage door service Kanata to consult in case of such discrepancies.

  1. Impaired weather-stripping

As mentioned above, the water freezing can lead to the garage door freezing and getting stuck. This can also lead to wear and tear of the garage door and when a person rips the door the sealing is often damaged. The way to detect a damaged sealing is checking the energy bills; when there’s a rise in them that denotes the garage sealing is tampered.

Moving on, now that the issues are listed, here are the precautionary steps to take for your garage in winter as advised by garage door service Kanata.

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  • Make sure you add adequate lubricant to the garage door parts before winter strikes. This will help make a cushion against contraction that leads to wear and tear.
  • Be vigilant of your garage door balance.
  • Check beforehand for striping, damages or cracks in your garage door before winter strikes.

Now, also ensure that you contact a reliable garage door service Kanata for servicing your garage annually. This’ll prevent chances of wear and damage during winter and ensure that even the biting cold won’t hamper your car garage door when temperatures fluctuate.

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