Annoying Winter Garage Door Problems and How to Fix Them!

If you’re a resident of Kanata then it’s likely that you’ll have a garage with a door attached to them home. With the harsh winters hitting the region, garage doors are essentials that prevent the biting cold from entering the house. Not to mention, the garage door is the barrier that protects your car from the freezing conditions outside. However, when the temperature drops below 7 degrees, the frigid cold can wreak havoc on your garage door. So, it’s best to previously contact your trusted garage door service Kanata to get the issues fixed.garage door repair kanata

However, that’s easier said than done; sometimes, the winter and snow covered lanes make it difficult for garage services to fix your door. In that case, it’s best to take a few precautionary steps. But, before going to that, let’s review that different ways winter can damage your garage door –

  1. Damage by water

For the homeowners, who own a wooden garage door in Kanata, winter can lead to contraction of the wood. Hence, as a result, the moisture content in the wooden garage door is reduced leading to potential cracks and damages. This can lead to cold penetrating and affecting the car. Thus, in such cases, it’s wise to contact your trusted garage door service Kanata for preventive measures.

  1. Frozen components

Another problem faced by citizens in Kanata is frozen components in garage doors. The cold water polling at the bottom panels of garages often freezes making it difficult or impossible for homeowners to open the garage door.

kanata garage door

  1. Damaged or broken rollers, tracks and springs

The excessive cold can sometimes lead to wrap of garages metal parts. This often is a result of expansion and contraction of the metal due to fluctuating winter temperature. Hence, it’s advisable to find a trusted garage door service Kanata to consult in case of such discrepancies.

  1. Impaired weather-stripping

As mentioned above, the water freezing can lead to the garage door freezing and getting stuck. This can also lead to wear and tear of the garage door and when a person rips the door the sealing is often damaged. The way to detect a damaged sealing is checking the energy bills; when there’s a rise in them that denotes the garage sealing is tampered.

Moving on, now that the issues are listed, here are the precautionary steps to take for your garage in winter as advised by garage door service Kanata.

garage door repair

  • Make sure you add adequate lubricant to the garage door parts before winter strikes. This will help make a cushion against contraction that leads to wear and tear.
  • Be vigilant of your garage door balance.
  • Check beforehand for striping, damages or cracks in your garage door before winter strikes.

Now, also ensure that you contact a reliable garage door service Kanata for servicing your garage annually. This’ll prevent chances of wear and damage during winter and ensure that even the biting cold won’t hamper your car garage door when temperatures fluctuate.

Preparing To Replace A Toilet

Toilet installation or replacement is a ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) project, which may make you take you to hardware store several times. Toilet installation also needs proficiency otherwise; you don’t know what you need until you remove your old toilet. However, you can get ready before you are planning to replace the toilet and accordingly buy all the parts that you think is needed for the toilet installation. The things that you need include:

toilet installation

You should always get new supplies to refurbish the old one, and get a new shut-off control device if the original tap is leaky or seized.

When you buy a new toilet, then you don’t need to worry much as it comes with parts that are needed. Make sure to check the box if it includes a gasket, brass closet bolts for linking the reservoir to the base a fill tap, a wax ring, flapper and flush valve. If the box doesn’t include any of these tools, then make sure to buy them separately.

The tools that are required for Toilet Installation:

  • Medium- sized control locking pliers
  • Flat and large screwdriver
  • Putty Knife
  • Wrenches to fix the bolts and nuts
  • Teflon Tape
  • Rags

toilet installation process

These are some of the items that are needed to ensure the link between the toilet and soil pipe are secure. These parts are available at a very reasonable price, so even if you buy some extra material, it can be still useful later as the valves may need to be replaced frequently so you can avoid running to the hardware store if you buy surplus and keep it safe for later use.

Large wax rings are required, in case, soil pipe projection is level with slightly recessed or floor.  If the projection/flange is wrecked or buried below the floor level around a ¼ inch, then you must get a PVC flange spacer ring, which is also known as a repair ring or flange extender. These extenders are made to fit perfectly inside the old soil pipe and give you a new flange, which allows you to secure the toilet properly.

If the flange is badly rusted or broken, then you need to replace it immediately as it will not hold the blots any longer. But, if it is not buried, then you need a thin metal flange spacer ring. If your old flange is a metal one, then the spare ring should lock directly to the flange. In case, the old flange is PVC, then use can fasten the repair ring to the subfloor of the flange. If you want to fix the flange, you need a power drill, perfect fasteners, drill bits to hold the flange with rings either it is a wood, metal or concrete subflooring.

Also, you need a hacksaw that can help you cut the metal, this tool is a very useful as you can use it whenever you need to cut-off broken or rusted bolts and nuts to lift the old toilet flange. When you order the new toilet, make sure to check if the box includes all the necessary tools so that you can save time.

How to Handle Stress during Your Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation is definitely a stressful job, as you all know how therapists say that bathroom or home renovations are the major reason for more divorces than any other problems. Though it is a therapists joke, it is truly a stressful task, bathroom renovations Mississauga says that remodeling your bathroom can be a hectic task and here you can find five methods that can help you relax and avid stress during a bathroom renovation.

mississauga bathroom renovations

Involve the entire family:

The major stress that you will face during a bathroom renovation is how to tear down the morning rituals and a regular routine of your family.  It can be a very uncomfortable and the entire family needs to learn to adjust during the bathroom renovations Mississauga. Make sure your family does not lose their cool; the members should not get agitated during the renovation. The best way to fight this is by involving each and every family member in the renovation process.  When each family member feels like they have to take care of things, then naturally the family members feel less displaced and stressed and sometimes they will be more excited to work together.

Ensure the Budget is Reasonable:

Along with bathroom renovation stress if you include financial stress, then it can complicate things and its get worse than expected.  If you and your family member handling the financial part of the renovation then make sure that your budget for renovation is reasonable and find out how much you can spend for the renovation before planning to renovate your bathroom.  If you are not realistic, then naturally you get stressful when the expenses increase more than what you have expected.

Cooperation is everything:

You cannot argue with your family for every single thing or with your contractor during the bathroom renovation.  You don’t need to take every decision single-handedly, let your family involvement in decision making and also allow other party involved so that you can reduce your stress levels.  You should let others take decisions and be happy when they are doing an excellent job, and trust your contractor as the bathroom renovations Mississauga contractors take the right decisions.

Don’t make extreme changes:

You cannot make big or extreme changes in the middle of renovation because it changes the entire plan and also involves a lot of money, time, and perhaps patience as well.  It is advisable not to take extreme steps like switching to granite because it involves various other things, not just the exchange of the material. Before taking any drastic step, think and consult your contractor and family members, and if it is needed, then only go with it, otherwise, let the renovation task continue.

bathroom renovations mississauga

Talk to Everyone:

Yes, you must talk to everyone because it is the major key to a happy and quick renovation. Talk to your family members, contractors, and anyone who are involved in the renovation project. When anybody feels frustrated or confused, then you can help them reduce their stress levels. Obviously, once the Bathroom renovation Mississauga is completed, each member of the family feels happy and it is worth spending money on your new bathroom.

Best Vaughan Basement Renovations and Design Ideas

Basements are not empty spaces to store unwanted things anymore. They are being turned into a lot of different things and have become as much a part of the house as the other rooms. Vaughan Basement Renovations fullest and now you say that you do not have to fret over how to use your basement to the can make it into something far more interesting and useful. There are so many things that you can turn your basement into. And it will be then utilized a great deal more than it is now. So you can check out a few options.

Use your ideas and get creative and you will end up with a basement that will become your neighbors’ envy.

Vaughan Basement Renovations

A Home Theatre

This is something that the movie buffs appreciate the most. You can get a theatre like experience inside your own home. Can you imagine how much more fun your movie nights with your friends will be? Vaughan Basement Renovations has observed that this idea is gaining more and more popularity amongst customers these days.

A Gym

So if you are a fitness freak this can be a great idea. You will have your very own gym and you know what that means? No more outside interference or waiting in a queue to use the shower. You will be in the comforts of your own house and you can buy machines that are useful to you. You can even invite your personal trainer over at your house to train with them. And the best part is as Vaughan Basement Renovations suggest that you can film exercise videos and upload them on social media without being pried upon by others.

Vaughan Basement Renovation

Opening A Workshop Space

If you are someone who likes taking care of your own work by yourself then you must be working long hours at your household chores. It might be especially tough in the winters for you to work but if you can move your work to the basement at least you will be more comfortable, if not anything else.

A Bar

Having guests over is not really unusual so you must entertain them with food and drinks. Vaughan Basement Renovations suggest setting up a bar in the basement area so that you have a little more free space in your living room. Keep the living room just for the initial entertainment and dining purpose while the bar can be enjoyed in the basement.

Guest Room

Another awesome idea is actually having a bedroom for your guests in the basement. This will help you use the other room upstairs for different purposes. It will also save a lot space upstairs. This way you can ensure that your guest will have a comfortable space to stay while you too will be saved from the trouble of providing suitable accommodation whenever someone comes to stay at your house. Vaughan Basement Renovations also suggest other ideas like having an office or a game room in your basement. The choice is yours. There are so many options to choose from. Get creative and make a basement of your dreams. Check more tips on finishing a basement here!

Window Replacement Options in Scarborough

When you are thinking of replacing your windows there will be a lot of options to choose from. The size, the shape, the aesthetics, functionality all would vary. In addition to it there is a choice between insert and full frame windows. Windows Scarborough will educate you on all you need to know about door and window terminology and you will be able to select the right replacement option for your windows.

But first you need to know a little about the two kinds of window replacement options that this article is about, as that will give you a better idea of what might be right for your scarborough


When you install a new window but within the old or existing frame it will be called an insert window. The things that will be removed are the previous hardware the sash, and the covers. And new ones will be installed. Windows Scarborough says that it has a number of benefits. The cost of the installation will be relatively low. The interior and the exterior trim of the windows that already were existing will be kept intact, so not much work is required.

The cons to this window replacement happen to be the fact that it requires the previous window set up to be free of any discrepancy. That is if the frame is structurally perfect only then can you avail of this option.

Windows Scarborough also says that the trim and the siding of the windows that are already there will not be disturbed when you are installing an insert window. This is the chief reason why the costs of installing it are so low. Plus for those homeowners who are happy with the previous shape and size of the window frames this is an especially good option. The operation of the windows too remains the same so the comfort levels are maintained.

However those who have vinyl windows might not be able to choose this option as the vinyl frames are not built to support a long lasting window replacement.

windows in scarborough

Full frame

This is the opposite of insert windows that is, here the entire window is taken down every little part of it, and a completely new window is placed. There are many benefits to this as windows Scarborough opines. You can check for any internal damage in the window frames like water damage or mold infestation. Also you can think of going for a completely new style or a new size of window.

But the downside to this is its cost, as it requires extensive work it costs a lot more money. The windows are taken down to the smallest parts of t even the trims, and then the whole thing has to be rebuilt so that costs a lot of money.

Windows Scarborough says that for vinyl frames this is a great option as is for age old window frames which has been damaged for years now, and should be replaced. So find out what you need and select accordingly.

6 Kitchen Cabinet Details That Impress, Even On A Budget

Kitchen cabinets are capable of making a lasting impression, offering functionality and style which not only adds value to your home but also makes your life much easier in the process. Most of the times, it is these little things that count.  When you remodel a kitchen, finishing touches and fine details will give the Scarborough kitchen cabinets the ‘wow factor’ even if you are on a budget.

Did you even know that it is also possible to get a custom look even without the large price tag. This can be done simply by installing a ready to assemble cabinets. These cabinets offer the handy homeowners the most bang for the buck. However, pre-assembled kitchen are also a great option for people who are looking for a dream kitchen within a budget.

Take a look at the best cabinet designs which are worth every penny. This will create a space that is sure to cabinets scarborough

Soft Close Drawers and Doors

Even when you are on a budget, quality is important if you want your investment to last. Plywood and solid wood construction come standard when you order the cabinets from a good cabinet store. Soft close drawers and doors are also standard.  This means whenever you open or close the drawer and door, you will not have to worry about the slamming noise. Most important, it is easy on the cabinets to some extent. It helps the cabinet to stay in pristine condition simply by preventing the wear and tear.

Glass Door

Glass cabinets are known to be elegant enhancement which offers an airy touch to the kitchen. If you add few glass cabinet doors in the Scarborough kitchen cabinets then it will make the kitchen appear larger and more luxurious. Moreover, you will be able to showcase your unique treasure like the vintage etched treasure that your grandmother had or even a collection of handmade pottery.

Heavy Duty Hardwarescarborough kitchen cabinets

Quality pulls and knobs are truly important as it is used many times in a day. It needs to feel good in your hands and blend well with the kitchen theme and style. You will be able to choose from a wide range of textures, materials, and finished for your Scarborough kitchen cabinets.

Recessed and Raised Cabinet Doors

The style of cabinet that you are choosing for your Scarborough kitchen cabinets has an impact on the overall feel of the room. Shaker cabinets are known to have a minimalistic design with clean lines that complement any style.  Raised paneled cabinets work pretty well with transitional and traditional kitchens. On the other hand, recessed panel cabinets are an excellent choice for modern homes.

Built-In Wine Rack

You can keep your wine organized in an attractive, space-efficient, and built-in wine rack which seamlessly blends with the kitchen cabinets. Wine racks cabinets can be installed vertically or horizontally. It is classy touch for homeowners who like entertaining.

Storage Options

There are many ways to organize the Scarborough kitchen cabinets and drawers. However, make sure that the cabinet accessories offer storage solutions which will help in keeping your kitchen tidy.  Starting from pull out waste containers to recycles, the sky is the limit.


All You Need To Know About Duct Cleaning Industry

Ducts are essential part of your household appliances and if they are not kept clean they may lead to a lot of inconveniences as well as health hazards. So opting for duct cleaning Toronto might be necessary once in a while.

duct cleaning toronto


In the past there were gravity furnaces, and this made the use of only a burner and metal housing and the worked when the hot air rose. These were better than coal stoves but were not very efficient. Later a fan was attached to it. Smaller ducts could be used due to it but that did not get rid of the problems as accumulation of dirt could not be avoided. Duct cleaning Toronto report that such accumulated dirt can actually lead to a number of health issues.

Duct Cleaning Industry

With the introduction of the above mentioned furnace duct cleaning industry came into being. Initially powerful vacuums were used for the cleaning, attached to trucks called Power Vac. The engines powered the vacuums to do its task.  They used a hammering method to loosen the dirt from the ducts so that they fell off. Tools have now evolved a lot since those early days.

Equipment for Duct Cleaning

A number of different tools for duct cleaning have been tried and tested.  A lot have worked well, while the rest have failed. You might go to a shop to buy a duct cleaning tool but be warned it might not work well.  Duct cleaning Toronto has a warning for consumers; they must always keep an eye out for false duct cleaning tools. For they will only cause further damage.

Finding a Duct Cleaner

A lot of different methods and equipment are used for duct cleaning Toronto today. They are modern and effective. But you still need to be careful while hiring them. You need to know if the amount of money they are asking for is reasonable. There are high chances of being duped by the company and not even getting the job done properly.

duct cleaning in toronto

Ask them about the full charges, and the method they will use for the cleaning purpose, and also if they conform to the standards of NADCA or QUADCA.

Eventually it comes down to how well they have cleaned your air ducts. Following the advice provided to you above, will ensure that you get better services without any chance of betrayal. But there are a few other ways too, to understand that whether or not the service provided to you has been genuine and efficient. You can take pictures of the ducts or ask for them, before and after the servicing is done. No matter which duct cleaning Toronto you opt for, make sure they check your HVAC system and test them before they leave. IF they find issues at all, leave a comment on their official website or circulate the information so that other are warned as well. Similarly, if the opposite happens, make sure you leave a few positive comments as well.